Vietnam import – export report 2021

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Vietnam import – export report 2021

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade just released the Vietnam import-export report 2021. This is the official document on the import and export situation of each commodity group, market, some changes in regulations on importing goods of other countries, the management of import and export activities and analysis and forecasts for the next period.

Main points in import-export in 2021

In 2021, despite being heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam's import and export activities still reached a record number with a total turnover of 668.55 billion USD, of which exports reached more than 336.3 billion USD, up 19% compared to 2020; imports reached 332.2 billion USD, up 26.5%.
Vietnam has exploited incentives from many free trade agreements such as CPTPP, EVFTA, UKVFTA to bring to export growth.

Vietnam's exports increase by 19% in 2021

Vietnam's exports increase by 19% in 2021

Some significant changes in 2021:

New Zealand has some changes to imported food, and agricultural products to ensure the health of consumers.

Developing logistics capacity:

Currently, many modern infrastructures, logistics centers, transportation services, warehousing, and forwarding have also been invested, built, and applied advanced technologies, contributing to the smooth disassembly, transportation, and circulation of goods. With a special geographical position, located in a dynamic development area of the world, where the flow of goods is very concentrated and busy, Vietnam is considered to have advantages in geo-economics that are very convenient to promote production, import-export, and logistics services.
The detailed Vietnam import – export report 2021 (in Vietnamese) is attached here

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