Vantage Successfully Deliver 2 Aid Shipments of More Than 4.9mil N95 Face Mask For The Fight Against Covid-19

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Vantage Successfully Deliver 2 Aid Shipments of More Than 4.9mil N95 Face Mask For The Fight Against Covid-19

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Due to the complicated and unpredictable developments of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam with the number of new infections per day still fluctuating at a high level (over 10,000 cases on average), there have been many organizations, businesses and individuals actively contribute to the prevention of the spread of the pandemic.

Vantage is proud to contribute a part in bringing an aid shipment of more than 4.9 million N95 face masks worth nearly 25 billion VND sent by a Vietnamese-American businessman to The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Ho Chi Minh City (VFFC) with an aim to support field hospitals, isolation areas - places that are in high demand of medical protective equipment.

Trusted by customers and agent, Vantage is responsible for coordinating with agent in the US to carry out sea freight, customs clearance, inspection, survey of delivery locations to arrange delivery plans, road transportation and discharge at each designated receiving location.

It is worth mentioning that due to the impact of the pandemic, ports in the US such as Long Beach, Los Angeles are experiencing serious port congestion and lack of empty containers, Vantage's OPS department has taken maximum advantage of its network with shipping lines to book space and containers for customers.

The aid shipment was divided into 2 import shipments from Long Beach port - USA to Vietnam, including:

1. Shipment 1st: 11 x 40' containers, including 3,696 packages.

The shipment arrived at Cai Mep port on November 6, however, due to the need to obtain a permit from the VFFC to apply for a decision to receive aid and tax exemption, it was not until November 13 (Saturday) to prepare all documents. On 11/15 (Monday) Vantage has fully delivered to the designated receiving location in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Shipment 2nd: 10 x 40' containers, including 4,303 packages.

The shipment arrived at Hai Phong port in 2 batches, the first phase of 5 containers arrived on November 21, the second phase of the remaining 5 containers arrived at the port on November 24, by November 25, Vantage had delivered all of them to the designated receiving locations in Hanoi.

In order to save time for the shipment to be delivered to those in need soon, Vantage has processed customs clearance for these shipments before the ship arrives, when the container has just been loaded onto the yard, Vantage immediately arranges delivery regardless of day or night.

Because the receiving locations are in the city center, there are some roads that vehicles are prohibited from driving during the day, so Vantage's Cusbrok department staff stayed overnight at the warehouse to coordinate the unloading and delivery of the shipments to ensure the delivery plan.

Due to the specificity of aid shipment, the preparation of documents is relatively complicated, adding to the impact of the pandemic, so the timely and complete delivery of the shipment is the best effort of the entire staff of Vantage's OPS and Cusbrok departments with the spirit of contributing a part to the fight against the Covid-19 – Vietnam is determined to win the pandemic.

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