Vantage Successful Handled A Super Huge Shipment For Adani Wind Power Project


Vantage Successful Handled A Super Huge Shipment For Adani Wind Power Project

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Vantage Successful Handled A Super Huge Shipment For Adani Wind Power Project

It recently handled the overland movement of eight GE 3.4MW wind turbines from the port of Cam Ranh in Vietnam’s Khanh Hoa province to a job site in Ninh Thuan province.

Overall about the Project:

This is considered as wind power ‘peak season’ as investors accelerate the progress of wind power projects in order to connect to national electric grid in October to enjoy the preferential purchase price in November 2021; so the handling the movement of outsize project cargo to support this sector there is a lack of experienced personnel locally available, as well as a lack of appropriate means of transport for heavy and outsize freight and a shortage of the large cranes needed for loading and unloading.

To add to these challenges, the port of discharge of the shipment was jammed with cargo for other wind power projects.

Given that Vantage’s customer had set a deadline of just a month for the cargo to reach its destination, there were plenty of challenges for the forwarder’s team to overcome.

This project included eight turbines and its accessories, of which, each turbine set included the turbine head (or nacelle), various tower sections, tower base, blades and various other large and heavy parts.

The cargo represented a total volume of 4,295.8 tons; the heaviest individual pieces (the nacelles) weighed in at 98.8 tons and measured a formidable 9.8m by 4.2m by 4m, the longest individual pieces (the blade) is 68.646m; The turbines will support Adani Green Energy’s huge wind power project in central Vietnam.

Vantage’s Scope of works:

Vantage undertook the master list application, Customs clearance, the preparation of storage areas as required at the job site, the movement of the turbines by truck to their destination and crane operation for loading and discharging as required.

- Consulting with authorities at the port of discharge to minimize the effects of the congestion at the port
- Constructing temporary yards to store goods near the job site, in order to save time and transportation costs
- Liaising with the appropriate Vietnamese Customs Department on Customs clearance and post-inspection
- Putting in place the appropriate resources such as transport equipment, lifting and unloading equipment and cranes

A total of 92 truck journeys were required to haul the turbines from Cam Ranh city to the job site at Ninh Thuan province. A combination of multi-axle low-bed trailers were employed to move the equipment, such as:

- 4/6/8 axels low-bed trailers to transport hubs and towers
- 12 axels low-bed trailers to transport machine heads
- 52m extendable trailers to transport blades
- Flat bed / 3 axels low-bed trailers to transport other pieces

Because of the weight and size of the loads, Vantage had to apply for specific permissions from the relevant local authorities. It also had to undertake road surveys, strengthen patches of road and relocate electricity pylons, lights, road signs and even house fences in order for the trucks to safely negotiate the route.

This project brings together experienced and professional personnel for the job, including construction engineers, transportation engineers, project managers at construction sites and ports, vehicle dispatchers and health and safety managers; as well as ensure HSE for all participants such as Covid test 3 3days/time, tool box meeting before every transportation journey.

The project was handled between May and June this year, with all the cargo arriving safely as scheduled.

This job represented the first time that Vantage had been chosen as a subcontractor by Adani, and the customer was delighted with Vantage Project’s performance. Indeed, Adani has confirmed in the project completion certificate that, “The subcontract works performed by Vantage Logistics Corporation have been done [to] high standards of professionalism, quality and dedication which met our very tight delivery schedule.”

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