Vantage recently shipped a container of fresh pineapple (ananas) exports to Qatar, the Middle East

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Vantage recently shipped a container of fresh pineapple (ananas) exports to Qatar, the Middle East

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Vantage Logistics has added the export of pineapple (ananas) to the list of exported fresh fruits that we are providing a full supply chain of logistics services.

Vantage coordinates, consult customer of handling and transportation in accordance with the ripening process of pineapples from packaging, loading container, temperature and ventilation setting to keep the pineapples arrive Qatar in best condition.

Pineapple (ananas) for export at Dak Lak farm, Vietnam
Shipping information:
  • Consumption market: Middle East (Jebel Ali, UAE/ Hamad, Qatar / Doha, Qatar)
  • Farm: Dak Lak Province, Vietnam
  • Shipping standards:
- Shipping time is less than 30 days
- By 40’RH container
- Setting: +7 Celsius degree, ventilation 15 CBM per hour

Pineapple (ananas) products are expected to continue to develop sustainably and effectively, affirming the quality and solid position for Vietnamese agriculture in the international market.

Potential of pineapple (ananas) for export to Europe
Pineapple is the leading export agricultural product of Vietnam. Import turnover of pineapples (HS code 080430) of countries around the world reached about 2.472 billion USD in 2020. Up to now, Vietnam has exported pineapples to many big markets such as the EU, the United States, and Japan, … And the demand for pineapple (Ananas) in the EU market is very large (estimated up to 1.5 billion USD/year).
In 2021, the UK is the 10th largest pineapple importer in the world and 6th in Europe after the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Italy with 119.6 million tons, worth 78.2 million USD. The demand for pineapple products in this market is quite stable, mainly imported from Costa Rica (accounting for 80% of the market share), Brazil, the Philippines, and Thailand.
Forecasted fresh pineapple market growth rate in the UK is 3.2% in the period 2022-2027, pineapple juice consumption average 0.43 liters/person in 2021.
The EU has committed to opening up widely for Vietnam's vegetables and fruits by immediately removing 94% of the total 547 tariffs on vegetables and fruit and vegetable products.

The pineapple export market in the world is really huge, however it is not an easy task to export pineapples and other fruits to international market, Vantage Logistics is working hard every day to bring Vietnamese products from all areas in Viet Nam to worldwide so that Vietnamese agricultural products are known and welcomed around the world.

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