Vantage Logistics Introduces Solutions For The Process Of Exporting Vietnamese Longans To The Japanese Market

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Vantage Logistics Introduces Solutions For The Process Of Exporting Vietnamese Longans To The Japanese Market

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Japan is a potential market for food stuffs and fresh fruit of Viet Nam, yet this is a market with high demand on standards.

Up to now, after many efforts, Vietnam has exported 3 kinds of fresh fruits to this market: dragon fruit, Cat Chu mango and Luc Ngan lychee.

Vietnamese lychee is welcomed and loved in the fastidious Japanese market (Source: internet)

Recently, Vietnam has been negotiating with Japan to  open market for another fruit, longan, and is also in the final stages of completing the request from the Ministry of Agriculture -Forestry-Fisheries Japan for approval Vietnamese longan to be imported into this fastidious market. To be able to export longan to Japan, Viet Nam need effective preservation technology and logistics system to ensure of food safety and hygiene and maintain the taste and freshness of fruits till Japanese's consumers at a reasonable cost, only then Vietnamese longan will be able to compete and gain a foothold in the Japanese market. 

On June 8, 2022, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sent two Japanese experts to work with Viet Nam local authorities to supervise the experiment of the final cold treatment method of longan as well as the management system of Vietnam.

Vantage Logistics is the only logistics company invited to consult and provide solutions for longans exporting process together with the Plant Protection Department of Vietnam and domestic leading fruit exporters to Japanese experts from June 8 to June 14, 2022. 

Two Japanese experts and officials of the Plant Protection/Plant Quarantine Department checked the cold treatment experiment of Vietnamese longan (Source: newspaper)

On June 12, 2022, Vantage Logistics introduced solutions to cold treatment for export longan beside traditional solutions. This is considered as one of the solutions that the Vietnamese side offered this time to the Japanese side in the process of transporting and exporting longan fruit to Japan.

Japanese experts visit, check and listen to the longan export transportation solution at Vantage Logistics' refrigerated container yard

Vantage Logistics as well as Vietnamese companies and agencies have high hopes for this business trip of Japanese experts, this is the last step to open the door for Vietnamese longan to be favorable penetrate this difficult market. Maybe the export turnover to the Japanese market is not high at the ideal level, but when Vietnam agricultural products are approved by the Japanese side, it means that Vietnamese agricultural products have passed a very difficult test, and being able to successfully export to this market will help open up new export doors to other developed countries.


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