Vantage Is Proud to Accompany Investors to Bring Solar Power to Viet Nam.

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Vantage Is Proud to Accompany Investors to Bring Solar Power to Viet Nam.

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In Viet Nam, the investment in renewable energy, particularly wind and solar power plants, is being encouraged by the Government with favorable policies and incentives.

Of which, solar power is being high interested by investors when a lot of policies of investment incentives, especially FIT policies for projects which come into operation before June 2019 issued by the Government. As of the end of 2018, total capacity of newly registered solar power projects amounted to more than 11,000MV, focusing mainly in the central highlands and southeastern provinces, in which, solar power projects in Tay Ninh province such as Dau Tieng 1 & 2, or TTC 1 & 2 are considered as the first major projects to launch the explosion of solar power in Vietnam.

However, besides advantage incentive policies by the Government, it is a real challenge to match the project time frame, and a reliable logistics partner is one of the key factors to overcome this challenge. Solar power projects are large in volume and high in time pressure, jobsites are far away and at some, the investors even don’t have enough time to do proper grounding for safe delivery, if the logistics company is not capable, it is easily incurred cost and delay.

Vantage did well fore-casting and good preparation from human resources, finance, equipment to subcontracts to ensure the best quality of logistics services for solar power plant customers.

Typically, Dau Tieng 2 project (240MW) starting construction in June 2018, Vantage is strategic logistics partner, covering international shipping, master list application, customs clearance, delivery from port of arrival to job site at Tay Ninh province, supervision and unloading goods.

The total volume of whole project is up to 5,000teus, continuously imported to Vietnam during the period from September 2018 to May 2019. There were sometimes hundreds of containers arrive together. Vantage project delegation had to work over weekend and holidays to ensure fastest customs clearance and delivery to and minimize detention cost and optimize time frame.

Besides, other solar power projects such as TTC 1 & 2 (Tay Ninh); Xuan Tho 1 & 2, Tay Hoa (Phu Yen); Ham Thuan (Binh Thuan); Cam An Nam, Cam An Lam (Khanh Hoa); AMI BMT (Dak Lak)… Vantage Logistics also optimized the time and cost.

Peak season, holidays are the tough time when demand is much higher than supply, many projects are thirsty of labor and transportation equipment, yet thanks to well preparation, Vantage have our back-up plan, even transportation subsidies to ensure trucks availability to match time frame.

Besides our business ethic and reputation, the strong believe that solar power plants will deliver green energy for sustainable development of our country also push us forward to great efforts to achieve the jobs professionally and timely. 

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