The Key to Long-Term Success: Building and Maintaining Client Trust


The Key to Long-Term Success: Building and Maintaining Client Trust

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Nothing is as important as the trust of clients.

Vantage believes that nothing is as important as the trust of clients; and gaining someone’s trust has never been an easy job. Mr. Pham Minh Nhut – Branch Director of Vantage in Da Nang city – shared about how his team and himself have made outstanding efforts to have the trust and appreciation of our client.

Gaining client’s trust has never been an easy job

In October 2018, a client who is speciallized in exporting automotive components to South Korea, China and Myanmar started to use trucking and customs clearance services of Vantage for their export shipments. The job is pretty simple and many logistics providers definietely can handle. However, with our working spirit “Every customer is served as our unique customer”, we take care of each individual set of shipping document, each individual customs declaration, each truck, the serving attitude of all involved personals and teams, always deliver the work more than expected. Eventually, our Vantage Da Nang team gain the trust from customer, they assign us more and more jobs, and then, including the jobs that traditionally they fix with just several service providers (who are still delivering a fair service).

Moreover, their appreciation to Vantage also leads to a lot of precious recommendation for Vantage to do business with many of their buyers and partners, helping Vantage to expand our business network. And up to now, whenever there is any demand, issues, questions about logistics, the first company this customer come to is Vantage.

Mr. Nhut said: “Everything we do, we do it on customer’s benefit. When we really care about our customers, and treat their problems as our own problem, their success as our own success, we don’t feel our job is a burden anymore, it is really our happiness, our creation, our strong connection. We “nourish” our client’s trust by continuous excelling at everything we do, as if taking care of a seedling, and our harvest is their trust and appreciation for us.”
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