Successfully Shipping DG Shipment For Solar Power Projects In The US


Successfully Shipping DG Shipment For Solar Power Projects In The US

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Successfully Shipping DG Shipment For Solar Power Projects In The US

Vantage has just completed a project to transport a shipment of more than 200 containers by break bulk vessel with the role of coordinator for a solar power project in the US.

- Commodity: equipment (Cube Gen6 – DG goods) & accessories
- Volume: 211x40'HC for DG + 5x40'HC for Non-DG
- Weight: 27.3 tons/cont.
- Vantage’s scope: port charge, delivery coordination
- Shipment time: 20 - 30/11/2021

Because most of the containers are DG goods (with batteries), it is required to monitor the shipper's packing and delivery schedule carefully and closely so that the port can prepare a suitable plan for loading and storing containers.

One thing worth noting about this shipment is that although the goods are loaded in containers, they are transported by break bulk. This leads to a difficult situation in coordination because shippers, transportation services and port of discharge are all specialized in container transportation and lack of bulk vessel expertise, while ship owners and ship agents are well served in the bulk services but lack of expertise in container goods.

The application of bulk ship knowledge combined with the container handling process is a challenge that the Vantage Project staff has done very well to act as a focal point to share and guide two opposing fields so that they can shake hands to connect and complete the shipment to load on board on schedule, without any problems.

In addition, shippers, consignees and related parties in the US, Germany, and Vietnam with different time zones lead to difficulties in communication and information exchange, moreover, goods exported to the US need to declare many types of documents. However, with the role of project coordinator, Vantage has coordinated well with the parties to complete the delivery schedule and documents to keep up with the ship schedule, helping the customer achieve the required progress on the project implementation time.

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