Successful Handled a Complex Shipment for Bago Bridge Construction Project In Myanmar


Successful Handled a Complex Shipment for Bago Bridge Construction Project In Myanmar

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Successful Handled a Complex Shipment for Bago Bridge Construction Project In Myanmar


Heavy machinery and equipment transportation for project has always been a challenge for logistics service providers. It not only needs service providers to have high professional qualifications, extensive experience but also requires the full resource in terms of finance, human as well as equipment to ensure the safety and accuracy of the project is at the higest level. The more complicated the project is, the more demanding in professional level of service provider that not many logistics providers can meet.

By placing our customer and their’s success on top priority, Vantage’s Project Delegation always strive to improve our professional knowledge and experience to help our customer solves their problems, even the most challenging one. And the project of transporting machineries for construction purpose of Bago bridge at Myanmar is one of the typical example of our effort.

For this project, Vantage’s scope of work included picking up cargo from assigned jobsite  (Hai Phong City), loading cargo onto containers by crane and forklift, applying for “Certificate of Origin” and temporary export customs formalities, providing ocean freight FOR OOG cargo from FOB Hai Phong CIF MITT (Myanmar International Terminal Thilawa), Myanmar.

Although the scale of the shipment is not too big, due to complicated requirements of documents and procedures, and the time of delivery is quite rush, this can be considered a significant challenge for Vantage’s Project team.

On 30th May 2019, Vantage’s Project team received information of the shipment consisted of machinery and equipment temporay export and re-import for the Bago Bridge construction project in Myanmar. The total volume was 02x40'FR OWOH, 01x40'OT IG and 02x40'HC, of which, the biggest unit is up to 10.01m L x 3.20m W x 3.5m H x 33 tons.

It is worthwhile to mention that the customer requested to apply only 1 form of “Cerfiticate of Origin” (C/O) for the entire shipment; while these machines originated from various countries: Vietnam, Japan, Korea, America, China…, as well as collected from many sources such as importing from foreign countries, renting from local suppliers; which included both new and used equipment.

Moreover, due to insufficient documents proving the origin of goods, Vantage team has encountered many difficulties in collecting and processing documents during the implementation of customs clearance procedures for the shipment; not to mention the pressure because of rushing delivery time to keep up with project timeline of customers.

Nevertheless, with professional and experience in the field of transporting machinery and equipment for more than 15 years, Vantage has researched, consulted and proposed the most suitable solution as well as the form of “Certificate of Export Country” in compliance, in accordance with the shipment and customer’s requirements.

On 17th June 2019, the shipment has arrived at the destination port as scheduled.


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