customs brokerage

Customs Brokerage

Customs procedures play a key role in international trading. A good setup can save precious time and simultaneously optimize the financial and fiscal impact of international trade to a company.

Understanding the local customs of global business .

We understand the necessity of smooth customs clearance for you and your business. Our customs clearance experts understand both the local rules and regulations, and the challenges of global business. We use this knowledge to tailor individual solutions that can help you make well-informed decisions, reduce lead time, optimise cash flow and keep taxes to a minimum.

And Vantage Logistics has developed a real specialty in tailor-made customs solutions, where reducing time and cost is the number one focus.

# Customs agent license # 2314/QD-TCHQ

As a customs broker, we have developed professional solutions for our customers, including:

  • Customs law and regulations consultant: make it right from the beginning! We understand that clear customs is only a link in the chain, we also take care for 1-5 years customs post-inspection.

  • Tax exemption: where – what – when – who – how to apply tax exemption and other tax favour.

  • Daily customs clearance for all types of import – export: commercial, non-commercial, import for fixed assets, import material for manufacturing or processing purpose, temporary import, temporary export. Express clearance for emergency shipments.

  • Tax refund claiming: we claim for tax refund on client’s behalf, follow up until tax refunded.

  • Desk-in service: our people work in client’s office as client’s own people with strong back-up from our professional team. As flexible as client’s need. Secrecy guaranteed. Free your mind from loyalty, salary, social and other insurances.

  • Direct meeting with customs: for important projects, if client wish to discuss directly with customs house about their matters, we can always arrange an official meeting.

Save precious time, reduce costs. 

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