about us

About us

Throughout the past years, our dedicated and passionate team, have been handling from tiny pouch to giant package; safely and timely delivering to many destinations. I am really proud of it. 
I am especially proud to arrange logistics and transportation for power plant projects such as Nhon Trach, Vinh Tan, contributing to generating energy for developing Vietnam; as well as airport development projects such as Tan Son Nhat, Cat Bi airports, contributing to building-up connection between Vietnam and the world. 
We are inspired and excited by the speed of change across the globe at this present time and Vantage Logistics are continuously improving to provide an effective outcome that contributes to your success." 

vantage history

Vantage History

One day in late 2002, four different people from character to language, but shared a passion and ideal in the workplace - were side by side together and decided to set up VANTAGE LOGISTICS. From the early days of limited material facilities and technical infrastructure, but with faith, enthusiasm and sincerity, they lit the fire and communicated their enthusiasm to many Vantage people afterward.

The fundamental success of Vantage today is built on friendship, trust and mutual respect towards a common target - to bring the highest satisfaction for customers through the best services and solutions. This wonderful 20 years journey is sprang from just a simple handshake.
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Where We Are

Vantage Logistics headquarter based in Ho Chi Minh City - the economic and commercial heart of South Viet Nam and branch offices throughout the country, as well as an extensive agent worldwide network, bring different values to our customers. Each of those is located in a convenient location, has its advantages to meet the diverse needs of the market.
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VLC People

philip diep


Chairman - Logistics Expert – Consulting, Solutions, Investment, Execution
florence lam


Vice Chairman - Logistics Specialist – Consulting, Solutions, Investment, Execution
harry phan


Vice Chairman - Logistics Specialist – Consulting, Business Networking, Policy Advocacy
cindy nguyen


President - Global Business Development
kathy truong


Project Delegation Director
helen tran


Chief Accountant
suri tran


Cusbrok Manager
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VLC In Figures

For Vantage Logistics, the world "PARTNERSHIP" takes on a special meaning. It is the essence of our way of approaching logistics. 
With our clients and providers, we created long-term relationships knowing that through teamwork can build a better, more sustainable and positive future.


As a result, over 20 years of working, we have always been trusted and companioned by our partners, making significant figures which mark the success of Vantage Logistics.
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  • 250  employees 250+ Employees
  • 50000  customers 50,000+ Customers
  • 178000000  usd yearly turnover 178+ Milion USD Yearly Turnover
  • 68000 shipments year 68,000+ Shipments/Year

Policies & Conditions

1. These Standard Trading Conditions here below referred to as TSTC shall be applied to all services provided, handled, performed or rendered by the company acting as Freight Forwarder even in case when the company procures a Bill of Lading or other similar document evidencing a contract of carriage between a person other than the company and the customer or owner.

2. In case when the company acting as carrier, the provisions of a document issued by or on behalf of the company bearing a title of or including “Bill of lading”, whether negotiable or not, shall be paramount and in the event of a conflict of conditions, the provisions of such a document shall prevail over those of TSTC to the extend of such conflict.

3. As to the services in respect of or relating to customs clearance, taxes, licenses, consular documents, certificates of origin, inspection, certificates and other similar services or incidental to, the company is to be always considered to act as agent only and never to be considered to act as Principals.
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