Vantage Online Sharing Session: Sharing Is Caring


Vantage Online Sharing Session: Sharing Is Caring

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On the afternoon of August 26, after months of being imposed social distancing at different levels, from limit 20 people in office to 100% stay home, not allowed to go out even for food or medicine, many members of Vantage logistics who joined the company’s very first social distancing practice, already have been working from home, far from colleagues, desks, office for 3 months, the Vantage family has an online gathering, to share and update what happening, and firming that we will all overcome difficulties together.

This is the very first big online gathering with more than 170 members from north to south.

This is not a formal company meeting, it’s more about a chit chat among members of a big family, to encourage each other, to share how to keep good health both physically and mentally, and even accept bad luck with calm and good control.

Vantage family has prepared to assist all family members at highest possible level:

- To invite a specialist doctor to assist for all health concerns, created a Zalo group for doctor and all Vantage members so that they can promptly consult and support health care during the epidemic season.

- Sent a backup medicine bag to all employees, including prescription support drugs and the doctor's instructions to support treatment in case someone get Covid.

- Establish a quick response team to support F0 cases during treatment and recovery

- Have some oxygen concentrators ready in case of an emergency

- Guaranteed income for all employees

All the family members feel safe and confident to know that no one is alone in this tough trip, and the company, colleagues and people around are accompanying, caring, helping, to be strong to overcome this pandemic together.

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