Vantage Launches Vantage Parcel Service – a New Service for Courier and Cross-Border E-Commerce

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Vantage Launches Vantage Parcel Service – a New Service for Courier and Cross-Border E-Commerce

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E-commerce has exploded and is becoming a popular trend on a global scale, and Vietnam is no exception.

The rapid development of modern technology allows consumers to do online shopping more than ever before thank to its convenience, thereby bringing great business opportunities along with huge revenue for sellers who are doing online business locally as well as internationally.

As the demand for online shopping continues to increase, domestic and international express delivery services are also constantly evolving, from simplest delivery models to complex and modern systems.

However, because of its specific nature, nowadays the delivery/express service is not only about bringing the product to the buyer, but the logistics service provider also has to meet a lot of other requirements such as pre-calculate shipping cost and transit time, track and trace, other services such as fulfillment, labelling, COD, return service...

Understanding the needs for express delivery services and cross-border e-commerce goods transportation serving customers who are doing business online, Vantage Logistics has just launched the brand new service – Vantage Parcel.

With 20 years of business in the field of logistics serving thousands of domestic and foreign customers, Vantage Parcel has formed a foundation of technology, human resources and strong relationship with partners to meet all customers' needs for logistics services, especially for the e-commerce industry.

Vantage Parcel has built an optimal shipping model with the advantage of directly connecting with reputable international couriers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS... or direct airfreight from / to Viet Nam with connection to reputable pick up and last mile delivery partners at origins / destinations for door to door delivery.

Supported by an effective and user-friendly software system to help manage smart delivery services which is convenient for customers, including track and trace, cost monitoring, API with e-commerce platforms and all pick up – delivery partners.

Vantage Parcel provides diverse and comprehensive services for express delivery and cross-border e-commerce logistics, with our advantages on express delivery for small parcel, to FBA warehouses… for US, Australian and European routes.

With our resources and expertise as well as partnerships with major international shipping/express delivery partners, Vantage is confident that we can meet all of our customers' needs for e-commerce logistics.

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