We take good care of valuable bottling system for brewery factory

For beverage factories, the filling and bottling systems play a very important role. The filling processes in particular must satisfy highest quality requirements. It means, they demand for high-performance, flexible, and efficient filling solutions. Our client’s filling systems allow beverage factories to fill various beverage precisely and safely while complying with exact filling levels. Regardless of whether they are computer-controlled, pneumatic, or mechanical or whether the container is a can, bottle, or a keg — their flexible filling solutions provide safe and proven concepts. Besides, their bottling systems also need to reduce water consumption (with the help of ECO vacuum pump), reduce CO2 consumption, highest possible standard of hygiene.

Due to the importance of the system, the choice of transportation for bottling system is never an easy choice. It should be a transporter with good safety management system and experienced in handling over-sized cargo and similar system before.
Vantage is proud to be chosen, and we proved that our client did make the very right choice. The shipment was taken care by our dedicated project team for every single details, and delivered at jobsite in HCMC city in the safest manner.