Vantage Logistics once again surpassed challenges, proving its professionalism in over-sized and heavy transportation industry

The recent transportation of heat exchange secondary reformers to Phu My Fertilizer Plant has once again marked Vantage Logistics’ professionalism in dealing with unexpected challenges. Challenge happened when the height of cargo, which should be transported from Thi Vai International Port to Phu My Industrial Zone, changed from 4 meters to 5.5.

The changes would have caused little issue if there were no mid-air pipeline systems at the height of 6 meters across the entrance to jobsite. The allowed height of cargo from the ground to the highest point is 5.95 meters, leaving the required gap from the ground to trailer’s top as small as 0.45 meters. Facing such a challenge, Vantage Logistics' experienced team quickly looked for special trailer that matched the height request and loading capacity up to 81.2 tons. Thanks to Vantage’s various sources of transportation vehicles and carriers, the cargo was finally transported effectively and on-time.
The success also brought joy to Vantage team as well as affirmed their teamwork skills and professionalism in dealing with challenges while putting client’s benefits as priority. The transportation of heat exchange secondary reformers is a part of a two-year business partnership between Vantage Logistics and our client. During the project, Vantage completes customs clearance, deduct master list reconciliation monitoring slip, and transports the cargos from ODA Thi Vai International Port to Phu My Fertilizer Plant inside Phu My 1 Industrial Zone.