Another job for Ho Chi Minh City flood protection project

Transportation of 176 pipes (35mL x dia 1.2m) for Ho Chi Minh city flood protection project.

More information about the flood protection project: - Total investment: VND10,000 billion (about 450 million USD) - The project includes: construction of nearly 8 km embankment at critical points on Sai Gon river - from Vam Thuat to Song Kinh and 25 under-dyke drain systems - from Vam Thuat to Muong Chuoi.
- The drains will open gates to release water out when upstream water level is higher than downstream water level and downstream water level is higher than +0,6 m which is the minimum level for ecological environment inside drains. The drains will close gates when upstream water level is equal to +0,6 m and downstream is lower or equal to +0,6 m. Drains will close gates to keep water in when downstream water level is lower than +0,6 m.